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Information for Sellers

If our office has been asked to act as settlement agent in the closing of the real estate you are selling, there are some matters that we will require your assistance with in order to expedite the transaction and prevent delays or extra costs to you. They are listed below. Please also remember that you must bring a valid, government-issued picture I.D. with you to closing for proper identification. The closing cannot take place if you do not have this identification with you. In order to insure a smooth closing, we would like to make you aware of the following information.

An authorization form will be sent to you upon receipt of the order for your signature to allow us to obtain lien pay-offs.

1.         MORTGAGES:  If your property is presently mortgaged, the mortgage(s) will be paid off at the time of closing using proceeds from the sale, if any.  After your mortgages have been paid in full, the banks will send us discharges which we will record. In the event there is a non-institutional mortgage (i.e. one given to a private individual, trust or corporation as opposed to a bank or mortgage company), we will require that the payoff amount be furnished to us before the closing and a discharge be delivered at or before the closing.

2.         DEED:  A deed to convey the premises to the buyer will be required and can be furnished by us to you at standard cost.

3.         EXPENSES: Depending on the terms of the purchase contract, you may be required to pay for a portion of the settlement fee, title examination, title insurance, conveyance fee,recording fees to discharge mortgages and other liens, or other charges.  We will make you aware of these charges prior to closing.

4.        POWER OF ATTORNEY:  If there is a power of attorney involved, please forward a copy of the power of attorney for our review and bring the power of attorney document to the closing, this will need to be recorded for the closing to occur. The deed transferring title from you to the Buyer must be signed by you in the original.

5.         TRUST OWNERSHIP:  If this property is owned by a trust, our office also requires review of the Trust document for authorization of the Trustees powers.